VICTOR Aluminum

GUANGDONG VICTOR ALUMINUM CO., LTD. was founded in 2000. It is a company specialized in alloyed alum-mag precision fabrication and high-end surface treatment. While fully engaged in the chain of industry, VICTOR has accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge in precision manufacture, business operation, and management, which makes VICTOR stand out to be a high-end part supplier.

With the growth of the company, VICTOR has been certified by and acknowledged in various standardized programs including:

·         ISO 9001,  certified since 2006

·         State New-High-Tech Enterprise, certified since 2014

Also, in 2015, the establishment of the Guangdong Metal Material (VICTOR) Engineering and Technology Research Centre, was certified and accepted to be part of the Provincial Engineering and Technology Research Centre Program.

Based on the idea strategic development for operation sustainability, VICTOR has invested, in Jiangmen High-Tech Industrial Park, a new cyber-physical powered Smart Plant adopting core design concept of Industry 4.0. The new plant, residing on an area of 100,000 square metres, comprising a cutting-edge aluminum surface treatment institute, a state-ranked testing lab, a smart CNC fab centre, many casting houses, stamping shops, several state-of-art anodizing and paint lines. All these investments enable VICTOR to offer one-stop high-end precision fabrication solutions throughout the chain, which set a strong foundation for a sustainable growth.


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