Die Casting
  • Casting Aluminum Alloy

    ADC6, ADC10, ADC12, 

    A360, A380, 

  • Casting Equipment

    LK-IMPRESS casting machine  500T cold-chamber casting machine  4 set

    Toshiba casting machine  350T cold-chamber casting machine  2 sets

    Toshiba casting machine  250T cold-chamber casting machine  1 set

    Continuous melting furnace (melting capacity 0.5t/h; high speed rotation of graphite stirrer)

    1 vacuum device

    3 die heaters, with power 30KW

    1 refining degasser, with rotating speed up to 1500rpm

    6 hydraulic trimmers, with shear force of 30t and infrared sensing

  • Engineering Service

    For design of casting die, use the engineering simulation software to simulate and verify the die-filling process of molten aluminum, including air entrapment, tracking of surface defect, gradient change of temperature field, gradient change
    of pressure field, and gradient change of filling rate and optimize the die design based on the result so as to facilitate
    the product molding.

  • Quality Control

    ● Selected Use of Precision Casting Dies

    ● Stringent Process Data Management Mechanism

    ● Implementation of Process Control Standards as well as Control and Standards on Product Release and Inspection

    ● Comprehensive Employee Training System

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